Monday, October 27, 2008

Kelly's 24th birthday!

Happy 24th Birthday, Kelly!

As all of you know, today is Kelly's birthday and on behalf of KOF, I'd like to wish Kelly a very very happy birthday and we hope she has a great one with all her family, friends and loved ones! If you have a chance, leave Kelly a birthday message on her official MySpace!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kelly Osbourne On New Variety Show

The Osbournes are back for another round of reality television. But it's not what you think. Hollyscoop caught up with the former reality show star turned singer to get the scoop on her and her family's new Variety Show.

"We're doing a new show for Fox. Me and my family are. We start this week. It's a Variety Show, it's not old variety, it's modern day variety," said Kelly.

She added, "We are doing things that are a bit scary because I'm not sure if people are going to be like, 'what the hell is this' or if they're going to laugh. Because we really are pushing buttons."


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Osbournes on the red carpet for the Spike Scream Awards

Ozzy Osbourne Insists New Show Isn't 'Sonny and Cher'

Ozzy Osbourne's clan will return to TV on Fox this January for what's being billed as a variety series. But Ozzy's not a fan of the "V" word. "The word variety sticks in my throat," he tells Spinner. "It's not like we're Sonny and Cher or something."

Details on the show have been tight-lipped, but Kelly Osbourne says that viewers shouldn't expect a lot of big-name guests. "It's not so much a celebrity-based show -- it's more audience participation," she says. "We can call up anyone in my mom's phone book and you would have a great show. But we wanted it to be more than that."

While Jack Osbourne has said in the past that the family's hit MTV series "tarnished the public perception of my dad," Ozzy isn't worried about this venture. "It's work," he says. "I'm hoping for success, but it's good to have the family back again, working together."


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